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Microsoft CRM pricing offers the highest value to cost ratio of any full function CRM on the market.  Users enjoy CRM's intuitive design and its smooth integration with other Microsoft software such as Outlook, Excel and Word.  IT professionals will appreciate the application's high performance and interoperability with Microsoft server products such as SQL and Exchange.   

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Microsoft Dynamics 2013 Online
Microsoft Dynamics 2013 On-Premise (Enterprise, Professional, WorkGroup and CALs)

Microsoft CRM Online 
This option provides you on-demand CRM software from anywhere you have access via the internet.  Online CRM offers the low cost monthly pricing structure without the need for servers.  Each subscription requires at least 5 licensed professional users and a 1 year minimum subscription

On Line CRM Edition Subscription Price Notes
Microsoft CRM Online Professional $65/User/Month 
Most users fit this model.  Click here for license type details
Microsoft CRM Online 
Users needing lower level access, such as customer service representatives.  Click here for license type details
Microsoft CRM Online 
Very limited access.  Click here for license type details

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Microsoft CRM On Premise Options 
On premise CRM is available in three different options to meet your company's needs and can also be configured to allow users to access your CRM system through the internet.  These products listed in this section are perpetual licenses and come standard with 2 years of Software Assurance.  Software assurance helps protect your organization's software investment by providing the latest version of the software when it is updated.  

For companies with more than 5 users, the CRM software is purchased in two parts: the program itself for the server and "Client Access License" or CAL that licenses each user.  CRM is a "named user" application, meaning that each user needs to be licensed individually, but can access the application from different computers.   

Microsoft's WorkGroup CRM edition is the best choice for small businesses.  The price includes both the server license and allows up to 5 users.  

Microsoft's CRM Server (non-WorkGroup edition) can support multiple organizations using the same application.  CRM Server is ideal for mid-sized and largee companies while also meeting the needs of organizations with businesses that are run predominantly as separate entities and have separate customization requirements. 

On-Premise Microsoft Dynamics CRM Options  

CRM on-premise (hosted on your servers) is available in four different formats: Open Business, Open Value, Open Value Annuity and Business Ready Licensing (Dynamics Price List).  Click here for information about these options.

Please note: many competitor prices may list the cost for CRM 2011
which is not available as of 10/8/2013.  

Microsoft CRM 2013 Open Business Prices  
Includes 2 Years Software Assurance, Prices good through 12/31/2013

Open Business Product 

Part #

Retail Price Our Price
User License (Full CAL) ZFA-00109 $1,319/CAL $1,195/CAL
CRM Server N9J-00575 $6,604 $5,950
CRM WorkGroup Edition QAA-00238 $3,302 $2,975

Microsoft CRM 2013 Open Value Prices  
Includes 3 Years Software Assurance.  Prices good through 12/31/2013

Open Value Prices 
(Up Front Payment)

Part #

Retail Price Our Price
User License (Full CAL) ZFA-00383 $1,545 $1,390/CAL
Limited User License  QZA-00246 $573 $485/CAL
CRM Server N9J-00607 $7,737 $6,975
CRM WorkGroup Edition QAA-00114 $3,867 $3,475

Microsoft CRM 2013 Open Value Annuity Prices  
Prices are per year for 3 years 
Discounts are total for all three years
Includes 3 Years Software Assurance.   Prices good through 12/31/2013

Open Value 3 Year Annuity Prices  

Part #

Retail Price Our Price
User License (Full CAL) ZFA-00379 $515/CAL/year $475/CAL/year
Limited User License  QZA-00243 $179/CAL/year $161/CAL/year
CRM Server N9J-00646 $2,579/year $2,325/year
CRM WorkGroup Edition QAA-00110 $1,289/year $1,165/year

Please contact us by email (info@muchmorebi.com) or by phone (240) 280-2241 to place an order or for additional information.   

Please contact us by email (info@muchmorebi.com) or by phone (240) 280-2241 to order or to receive a quote for a product not shown here.  if you currently have CRM and are interested in renewing your software assurance. 

While price changes have not caught our website off guard in the past, we must let you know that prices are subject to change and may change without notice.  


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